We will be expanding to other games like CS:GO, Heroes, Starcraft, TF2, Red Crucible, etc. due to inactivity. Please come join us on discord!

Also we are open to all applications for Fraggers and Mappers so feel free to apply by clicking here!


Rudi, Death14 and Khorne

CSI Miami, Fredd, DeathStar, Lombok, ZahariaHome, Zuchi, Night_Hawk, M16, Hee


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We will be organizing and hosting a reunion of public and clan tournaments! Please join the voice channel and tell everyone.

About the video

“Game On” is a song by Moog from MightyCarMods.

Not only does this Australian duo work on cars,

they also work on music. It is electronic/house.

In this single, the song features female vocals

and an upbeat drum pattern. Definetly worth a listen!

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Pass the flag mode is enabled. Longshot/up-close kill/spree messages.

Hulk mode is enabled. Kill the hulk to win, or survive as the hulk.

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VoxelArmy translates to Cube Army, we are a unified army of mappers, fraggers, programmers, and friends!

We are known for being a respectful group of legacy mappers that helps new players.

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