Sadly, our most beloved leader Rudi has left the clan because of the inactivity recently. Please come join us on discord & get him back!

Also we are open to all applications for Fraggers and Mappers so feel free to apply by clicking here!


Rudi, Death14 and Khorne

CSI Miami, Fredd, DeathStar, Lombok, ZahariaHome, Zuchi, Night_Hawk, M16, Hee


We will be having clan meetings every weekend. Our first meeting is September 24th (Sunday), don't miss it! Also, we will be organizing and hosting public and clan tournaments! Watch this space, the forums and be on discord for more information soon, happy fragging!

About the video

“Relationship” is a song by Young Thug and Future.

Yeah, shinin' hard 'cause we back up

You know you gon' get stopped, tryna check us

I get a few texts a day sayin', "It's all yours"

I got a few states on speed dial like good drugs

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About the server: pass the flag mode is enabled. Longshot/up-close kill/spree messages

About the server: new maps with lights are automatically sent & playable on efficency

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VoxelArmy translates to Cube Army, we are a unified army of mappers, fraggers, programmers, and friends!

We are known for being a respectful group of legacy mappers that helps new players.

Donate to help keep our domain up and running, it costs around $20 dollars a year.